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I'm Mark Keogh, Documentary & Editorial Wedding Photographer based in Glasgow covering the UK. 

I have been lucky to have documented weddings all across the United Kingdom, from lush barn weddings to grand Castle weddings.

I have also met some very interesting people along the way  including brain surgeons, CEO's, YouTube personalities, OBE's you name it.

That's one of the best part of my job, meeting new people. When I get the chance I love to mingle with your guests. This allows me to get a greater sense of my couple and helps direct the shots I take throughout the day. 

Documentary & Editorial Style

Mark Keogh luxury wedding photographer-392.jpg

Documentary / Candid

There's no awkward or cheesy posing here, just natural and candid photography. I blend in seamlessly with your guests allowing you to do what's most important, enjoying your day!

The only time I'll be directing your day is when we slip away for your couples portrait shots. I know my couples aren't professional models, so I provide you with  subtle direction but the more natural and less directed you are, usually the better your images turn out. 

Mark Keogh luxury wedding photography-205.jpg

No group shot lists

The best weddings are natural and unscripted. There's no massive group shot lists welcome here. That's old hat. We'll get the usual large group shot with all your guests and a few close family ones, but we'll leave the rest for your guests to take on their modern smart phones. You don't want me standing about taking these kind of images when I could be doing what I do best, getting you amazing candid shots!

Edinburgh City wedding-19.jpg


My job is above all, to make you look a million dollars on your wedding day. I'll subtly direct you during your couples portraits in order to do that. I'm constantly looking for epic backdrops and I'm always keeping an eye on the weather. Sometimes I'll grab you for a quick shot if I notice an amazing sunset or just see an image I know you'll love. I do this all without disrupting the flow of your day.

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